• Continuous forecasting with real-time reports provides accuracy and consistency in your budgeting process

• Instantaneous consolidation of data eliminates Excel spreadsheets and allows for current financial processes

• Eliminate stress with a flexible, easy-to-use online SaaS solution


• Convenient, on-demand, live training to accelerate your budgeting process

• Strong on-boarding support and partnership from the day you sign-up


• Extensive security controls with user-level access to give you peace of mind

• Separate logins for each user with check-in and check-out features

Budget Planner SAAS solution

Following are different features of Projenance Budget Planner SAAS solution.

  • Project-based budget planning with activity level details
  • Budget planning for the current year and proposed year
  •  SAAS (Software As a Service) solution. No need to set up servers or IT infrastructure
  • Import projects from Excel to kick start budget planning
  • Customer branding
  • Licensing based on per user per month model
  • Check-in and check out feature to allow editing
  • Save draft vs publish options
  • Centralized consolidated data with real time reports
  • User Login
  • Role-based access control
  • Company-wide vs department-level access
  • Granular permissions and roles
  • Import existing Chart of Accounts to set up as structure
  • Use existing roles like Org Admin, Department Owner, Budget Planner and Budget Viewer.
  • Flexibility to customize roles with permissions controls to suit your different scenarios
  • Define Income and expense for each row in chart of account
  • Define Restricted VS unrestricted
  • Define parent and child relationship
  • Reports to show aggregate data by restrictions or by department with income / expense
  • Import / Export project level and activity level data
  • Assign owner for each activity within a project
  • Plan and manage current year’s budget
  • Plan for next year / proposed budget
  • Amount allocation to months based on 12 months (equal distribution) or manual method
  • Quick setup
  • On-boarding support and project management
  • On-demand web based training
  • Support for issues (based on SLA)


Per user per month, billed annually

$ 10.99 Month
  • 3 users minimum
  • Role Based Access
  • Project and Activities
  • Current and Proposed Budgets
  • Allocation Over Period
  • Default Chart of Accounts
  • Income / Expense Categorization


Per user per month, billed annually

$ 17.99 Month
  • 3 users minimum
  • Everything in Starter Package
  • Import and Export Projects
  • Create Departments for Security
  • Import Chart of Accounts
  • Real-time Reports


Per user per month, billed annually

$ 24.99 Month
  • 3 users minimum
  • Everything in Pro Package
  • Customize Roles
  • On-Boarding Guidance
  • Priority Support

CPA Firm / Accountant

Per user per month, billed annually

$ 35.99 Month
  • 2 users minimum
  • Everything in Biz Package
  • Create your project budget
  • Manage customer Organizations
  • Priority Support